Pet Care ETF - PAWZ Pet Care ETF

ProShares Pet Care ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the FactSet Pet Care IndexTM

PAWZ is the first ETF that allows investors to capitalize on people’s passion for their pets.

  • Seven out of 10 U.S. households today have pets, more than have children, and owners are providing pets with premium foods, luxury services, state-of-the-art health care, insurance policies and more.
  • The pet care industry could reach $203 billion in global sales by 2025. It has grown steadily every year since 2001, even during the Great Recession.
  • PAWZ invests in a range of companies that stand to potentially benefit from the proliferation of pet ownership, and the emerging trends affecting how we care for our pets.

Index/Benchmark Summary

The index consists of U.S. and international companies that potentially stand to benefit from interest in, and resources spent on, pet ownership.

To be eligible for the FactSet Pet Care Index, FactSet requires that a company meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • The company's principal revenue source is from one of eight FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification subindustries—"RBICS subindustries" for short; or
  • The company generates at least $1 billion in annual revenue from at least one of the eight RBICS subindustries; or
  • The company's principal business is identified by FactSet as being pet care related, but for which an appropriate RBICS subindustry has not yet been created (e.g., pet insurance).

Additionally, the index is rebalanced monthly and reconstituted annually. At rebalance, the companies whose principal revenue source comes from pet care related products or services will make up 82.5% of the portfolio, while companies that generate $1 billion or more (but not a principal source) of their revenue from RBICS categories will make up 17.5% of the index. The index uses a modified market cap methodology.

Fundamentals as of 9/30/19

Total Number of Companies 25
Price/Earnings Ratio 39.90
Price/Book Ratio 2.90
Dividend Yield *(%) 0.90
Average Index Market Capitalization $29.48 billion

Index Holdings Information as of 9/30/19

Top 10 Index Companies Weight
IDEXX Laboratories Inc. 10.42%
Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC 9.64%
Freshpet Inc. 9.17%
Pets At Home Group PLC 7.21%
Covetrus Inc. 6.22%
Virbac SA 5.60%
CVS Group PLC 5.19%
Central Garden & Pet Co.-Class A 4.72%
Merck & Co. Inc. 4.67%
Nestle SA 4.62%
Index Country Weightings Weight
United States 62.24%
United Kingdom 22.04%
France 5.60%
Switzerland 4.62%
Germany 4.05%
Japan 1.45%
Index Sector Weightings § Weight
Veterinary Pharmaceuticals 22.09%
Other 18.43%
Veterinary Diagnostics 13.41%
Internet Pet & Pet Supply Retail 10.00%
Veterinary Product Distributors 9.78%
Pet Food Manufacturing 9.17%
Pet & Pet Supply Stores 7.21%
Veterinary Services 5.19%
Pet Supplies Manufacturing 4.72%
§ Sum of weightings may not equal 100% due to rounding.

Sources: American Pet Products Association 2017-2018 National Pet Ownership Survey (households with pets and steady industry growth); Industry Trends CPG Pet Care Trends Report (pets versus children and buying trends); Grand View Research (pet care industry size and buying trends).