Online Retail ETF - ONLN Online Retail ETF

ProShares Online Retail ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the ProShares Online Retail Index.

ProShares Online Retail ETF (ONLN) lets investors tap into the potential growth of online retail by pinpointing retailers that principally sell online or through other non-store channels, and then zeroing in on the companies reshaping the retail space, like Amazon and Alibaba.

  • Online retail is soaring: Online retail has fundamentally disrupted the sector, putting pressure on traditional stores and the changing retail landscape.
  • It may only be the beginning: Just under 60% of the world’s population is currently online. But mobile devices are proliferating—especially in developing markets—and potentially creating new e-commerce consumers.
  • Not all online retailers are created equal: Iconic companies in online retail—like Amazon and Alibaba—are reshaping the retail world. ONLN’s modified market-cap weighting puts emphasis on these leaders, while also providing industry diversification.
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Index/Benchmark Summary

The ProShares Online Retail Index tracks retailers that principally sell online or through other non-store channels. The index uses a modified market-capitalization weighted approach, is rebalanced monthly and is reconstituted annually.

Retailers may include U.S. and non-U.S. companies. To be eligible, retailers must: be classified as an online retailer, an e-commerce retailer, or an internet or direct marketing retailer, according to standard industry classification systems; have a market capitalization of at least $500 million; have a six-month daily average value traded of at least $1 million; and meet other requirements. When the index is rebalanced, it is weighted so that no company may exceed 24% of the value of the index, the sum of companies individually weighing more than 4.5% may not exceed 50% of the value of the index, and the total weight of all non-U.S. companies will be capped at 25% of the value of the index.

Fundamentals as of 9/30/21

Total Number of Companies 40
Price/Earnings Ratio 0.00
Price/Book Ratio 5.43
Average Index Market Capitalization $69.71 billion

Index Holdings Information as of 9/30/21

Index Companies Weight Inc. 25.18%
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.-Sponsored ADR 11.87%
eBay Inc. 4.24%
Sea Ltd. 3.39%
DoorDash Inc. 3.39%
Etsy Inc. 2.46%
Pinduoduo Inc. 2.32%
Wayfair Inc. 2.27% Inc. 2.27%
Revolve Group Inc. 2.23% Inc. 2.22% Inc. 2.20%
FIGS Inc.-Class A 2.13%
Chewy Inc.-Class A 2.07%
Shutterstock Inc. 2.05%
The RealReal Inc. 2.04%
Stitch Fix Inc. 1.97%
Qurate Retail Inc. 1.93% Inc.-Class A 1.92%
PetMed Express Inc. 1.87%
Groupon Inc. 1.85%
Betterware de Mexico SAB de CV 1.85%
Liquidity Services Inc. 1.84%
The Original BARK Co. 1.82% Inc. 1.78%
MercadoLibre Inc. 1.70%
Poshmark Inc. 1.67%
ContextLogic Inc. 1.67%
Quotient Technology Inc. 1.64%
Lands' End Inc. 1.35%
Coupang Inc. 0.98%
Farfetch Ltd. 0.27%
Global-e Online Ltd. 0.22%
Fiverr International Ltd. 0.22%
Cango Inc. 0.21%
Ozon Holdings plc 0.20%
Dada Nexus Ltd. 0.19%
Uxin Ltd. 0.17%
Yatsen Holding Ltd. 0.17%
Vipshop Holdings Ltd. 0.16%

Index Holdings as of 9/30/21

Index Country Weightings § Weight
United States 73.81%
China 17.36%
Taiwan 3.39%
Mexico 1.85%
Argentina 1.70%
South Korea 0.98%
Israel 0.44%
United Kingdom 0.27%
Russian Federation 0.20%

§ Sum of weightings may not equal 100% due to rounding; weightings may fluctuate between monthly rebalances.