Thematic Webcast: Is Remote Work Vaccine Resistant?

The pandemic-driven mass migration to remote work may be the biggest transformational change to office work since the introduction of the desktop computer. But what happens once vaccines are more widely available?

Listen to a replay of February’s webcast covering the market environment and the outlook for the future of remote work. Our experts explored:

  • The expectations and implications of a partial return to the office on remote work investment themes.
  • The essential companies that support flexible arrangements and office space reduction post-COVID-19.
  • How virtual and augmented reality technologies may be shifting the mindset from business continuity to employee empowerment—and what this means for investors.

Featured ProShares Speakers
Scott Helfstein
Executive Director, Thematic Investing
Simeon Hyman, CFA
Global Investment Strategist, Head of Investment Strategy
Troy Goldstein
Executive Director, Head of National Accounts