Expectations Shattered: Will Trends of 2020 Persist or Revert?

No one saw this coming. When The Economist released its "The World In 2020" issue in November 2019, there were 12 prominent themes, from the U.S. elections to the Tokyo Olympics. There was concern over the global economy, but no mention of a global pandemic, quarantine or economic lockdown.

The pandemic changed everything. The year 2020 was redefined by themes such as remote work and e-commerce. As a strategy, thematic investing provided a way to potentially navigate challenging market conditions and take advantage of some of the accelerating trends.

The financial impact of the pandemic is likely to reverberate long after vaccines are widely distributed. Now is the time for investors to review what drove the equity returns of 2020, why some themes outperformed the S&P 500, and how to position themselves for the thematic opportunities of 2021.

Download our Thematic Outlook report to uncover:

  • Potential 2021 strategies for dominant 2020 themes like e-commerce and cloud computing.
  • Why we believe a thematic bubble is a fallacy.
  • Three potential trades—rerating, reopening and reversion—that could provide both a framework for evaluating and a way to take advantage of thematic opportunities.
  • The risks to watch as 2021 unfolds.