Inflation Expectations ETF - RINF Inflation Expectations ETF

ProShares Inflation Expectations ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the FTSE 30-Year TIPS (Treasury Rate-Hedged) Index.

  • Designed to provide exposure to 30-year breakeven inflation (a widely followed measure of inflation expectations).
  • The fund's index is designed to be sensitive to changes in breakeven inflation. It is not designed to reflect CPI or other measures of realized inflation.
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Fund Snapshot

Ticker RINF
Intraday Ticker RINF.IV
CUSIP 74348A814
Inception Date 1/10/12
Expense Ratio * 0.30%
NAV Calculation Time 3:00 p.m. ET
Distributions Quarterly

* With Contractual Waiver ending 9/30/22.

Fund Characteristics as of 9/30/21

Distribution Yield 6.29%
12-Month Yield 2.77%
Weighted Average Yield to Maturity 2.31%
SEC 30-Day Yield 3.07%
Net Modified Duration 0.22

Price Information as of 10/21/21

NAV $31.03
NAV Change $0.41
Market Price Closing $30.98
Market Price Closing Change $0.26
Daily Trading Volume 93,895
30-Day Median Bid Ask Spread 0.27%


RINF Performance Chart

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