Global Listed Private Equity ETF - PEX Global Listed Private Equity ETF

ProShares Global Listed Private Equity ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the LPX Direct Listed Private Equity Index.

  • Invests exclusively in a globally diversified portfolio of listed private equity companies whose primary business is direct investments in private enterprises.
  • Provides ETF access to listed private equity for investors who either have had difficulty accessing it in other forms or who want more liquidity than is typical of private equity limited partnerships.
  • Visit Alternatives University to learn about the role of alternative investments in a portfolio.

Index/Benchmark Summary

The index, published by LPX GmbH ("LPX"), consists of up to 30 qualifying listed private equity companies. A listed private equity company is an eligible candidate for the index if its direct private equity investments, as well as cash and cash equivalent positions and post-Initial Public Offering listed investments, represent more than 80% of the total assets of the company. LPX considers direct private equity investments to be direct investments noted on the balance sheet of the listed private equity company in the equity, mezzanine or debt facility of an underlying private company or investments in limited partnerships managed by the management portion of the listed private equity company. Candidates for the index will have a majority of its assets invested in or exposed to private companies or have a stated intention to have a majority of its assets invested in or exposed to private companies.

The index applies a liquidity screen to qualifying companies and then includes up to 30 of the remaining companies based, among other things, on greater relative trading volume (i.e., trading volume relative to the market capitalization of the company)—the index historically has included securities of all market capitalizations, from micro to large cap. The index is reconstituted quarterly on the 15th of January, April, July and October.

Fundamentals as of 9/30/21

Total Number of Companies 30
Dividend Yield *(%) 4.20
Average Index Market Capitalization $3.27 billion

* Derivative contracts are priced to reflect the underlying index yield and will not generate dividend income. Because ProShares invest in derivatives, they will not have dividend distributions that reflect those of their applicable indexes.

Index Holdings Information as of 9/30/21

Top 10 Index Companies Weight
3i Group plc 10.22%
Ares Capital Corp. 10.21%
FS KKR Capital Corp. 9.04%
ONEX Corp. 7.24%
Eurazeo SE 6.66%
Wendel SE 4.67%
Kinnevik AB-Class B 3.91%
Main Street Capital Corp. 3.84%
Golub Capital BDC Inc. 3.59%
Prospect Capital Corp. 3.18%

Index Holdings as of 9/30/21

Index Sector Weightings § Weight
Financials 95.27%
Other 4.73%

§ Sum of weightings may not equal 100% due to rounding.