K-1 Free Crude Oil Strategy ETF - OILK K-1 Free Crude Oil Strategy ETF

ProShares K‑1 Free Crude Oil Strategy ETF seeks to provide total return through actively managed exposure to the West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures markets.

Important Information
In light of recent extraordinary conditions and related volatility in the markets for WTI crude oil and WTI crude oil futures contracts, the Fund intends to seek exposure to longer-dated futures contracts or utilize other investment strategies designed to help manage the impact of such conditions and help the Fund achieve its investment objective. This fund does not track the spot price of WTI crude oil. Investors should read the Funds’ latest prospectus to better understand the fund’s objectives, strategies and risks.

  • The fund’s benchmark is an index of crude oil futures contracts
  • It is not intended to track the performance of the spot price of WTI crude oil
  • It should be expected to perform very differently from the spot price of WTI crude oil

For Important Information About the Fund
— please see the recent prospectus.

Fund Snapshot

Ticker OILK
Intraday Ticker OILK.IV
CUSIP 74347G804
Inception Date 9/26/16
Expense Ratio 0.67%
NAV Calculation Time 2:30 p.m. ET
Distributions Quarterly

Fund Holdings Information as of 10/26/20

Description § Exposure Value Shares/Contracts
WTI CRUDE 12/21/2020 (CLF1) 65,762,990.00 1,691.00

§ Exposures and shares/contracts marked with dashes generally indicate the next futures contract(s) the fund will roll into. A portion of the fund's assets are invested in a wholly owned subsidiary of the fund organized under the laws of the Cayman Islands.

Fund Characteristics as of 9/30/20

SEC 30-Day Yield -0.64%

Price Information as of 10/26/20

NAV $34.90
NAV Change -$1.10
Market Price Closing $34.80
Market Price Closing Change -$1.11
Daily Trading Volume 12,855
30-Day Median Bid Ask Spread 0.11%


OILK Performance Chart

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