MSCI Europe Dividend Growers ETF - EUDV MSCI Europe Dividend Growers ETF

ProShares MSCI Europe Dividend Growers ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the MSCI Europe Dividend Masters Index.

  • Focuses exclusively on the companies of the MSCI Europe Index with the longest records of consistent dividend growth.
  • EUDV is part of the ProShares Dividend Growers ETFs family, domestic and international ETFs that invest in the best dividend growers in their respective categories.
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Index/Benchmark Summary

The index targets companies that are currently members of MSCI Europe and have increased dividend payments each year for at least 10 years. The index contains a minimum of 25 stocks, which are equally weighted. Generally, no single sector is allowed to comprise more than 30% of an index's weight, and no single country is allowed to comprise more than 50% of the index weight. If there are fewer than 25 stocks with at least 10 consecutive years of dividend growth, or if sector or country caps are breached, the index will include companies with shorter dividend growth histories. The index is rebalanced each February, May, August and November, with an annual reconstitution during the November rebalance.

Fundamentals as of 3/31/21

Total Number of Companies 44
Price/Earnings Ratio 22.04
Price/Book Ratio 3.18
Dividend Yield (%) 2.62
Average Index Market Capitalization $51.96 billion

Index Holdings Information as of 3/31/21

Top 10 Index Companies Weight
Ashtead Group plc 2.57%
DSV Panalpina A/S 2.51%
Telenor ASA 2.48%
Sanofi SA 2.47%
Klepierre SA 2.46%
BAE Systems plc 2.43%
Geberit AG 2.41%
Enagas SA 2.41%
Wolters Kluwer NV 2.40%
Fresenius SE & Co. 2.40%
Index Country Weightings § Weight
United Kingdom 25.17%
Switzerland 15.88%
Germany 15.64%
Denmark 11.14%
France 7.14%
Netherlands 7.05%
Belgium 6.71%
Spain 4.75%
Norway 2.48%
Ireland 2.35%
Italy 1.68%
Index Sector Weightings § Weight
Health Care 21.74%
Industrials 21.38%
Materials 13.17%
Information Technology 13.13%
Consumer Staples 11.52%
Financials 9.36%
Utilities 4.75%
Telecommunication Services 2.48%
Real Estate 2.46%

§ Sum of weightings may not equal 100% due to rounding.