Metaverse ETF

Access the companies building and supporting the virtual and augmented worlds of the metaverse.

The MetaverseReal Opportunities in Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Enter the metaverse with a single ETF

Capture the momentum of the metaverse

The metaverse—often referred to as virtual reality or augmented reality—may be the next generation of the internet and could revolutionize the digital world.

Find exposure to a diverse group of innovative companies

Companies shaping the metaverse can span sectors and industries, from the production of hardware to social media and gaming.

Unlock the opportunity in a single ETF

Easily access the companies at the forefront of the metaverse with an ETF designed by one of the industry’s most innovative firms.


The next frontier of digital interactions

What is the metaverse? Sometimes referred to as virtual reality or augmented reality, it’s an emerging immersive, digital world that connects people virtually, enabling them to play, work, and interact, as they would in the real world.

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VERS Fund Details

Access the metaverse ecosystem in one ETF

VERS is designed to offer exposure to the ecosystem of the metaverse in a convenient single ETF, enabling investors to potentially benefit from the growth of this exciting investment opportunity without the need to select individual stocks.

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Investments in Metaverse technology are subject to risks associated with a developing industry and there is no guarantee that these companies will be successful. Metaverse companies may be subject to cyber-attacks, including but not limited to, unauthorized access to digital systems, data corruption, and service or operational disruption. Cyber-attacks can cause disruptions and impact business operations, potentially resulting in financial losses, the inability of Fund shareholders to transact business, violations of applicable privacy laws and other laws.

The index theme may not be the primary driver of company, index or fund performance. Companies in the index may have significant unrelated business lines, which could have a significant negative impact on company, index and fund performance.

This fund concentrates its investments in certain sectors. Narrowly focused investments typically exhibit higher volatility.

This fund may be subject to additional risks associated with the semiconductor, software, media and entertainment, and retailing industries. A more complete discussion of risks is found in the prospectus.

Investments in non-U.S. securities may involve risks different from U.S. securities, including risks from geographic concentration, differences in valuation and valuation times, unfavorable fluctuations in currency, differences in generally accepted accounting principles, and from economic or political instability.

Investments in emerging markets generally are less liquid, more volatile and riskier than investments in more developed markets and are considered to be speculative.

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