ProShares Trust 2021 Capital Gains Distributions

Dec 22, 2021

Year-end 2021 capital gain distributions for certain ProShares ETFs are set forth in the chart below. 

Capital gain distributions will vary from year to year. For specific tax advice, ProShares recommends that investors consult a qualified tax professional.

Fund Name


 Short-Term Capital Gain Distributions ($/Share)



Record Date

Payable Date

Ultra Financials







Ultra High Yield







Ultra Nasdaq Cybersecurity







For more information, see Distributions Schedules and Distributions FAQs.

Distributions will reduce the net assets of each of the affected ETFs after the close of business on Dec 22, 2021 and the ETFs will trade ex-dividend Dec 23, 2021.

All ETFs are required by the Internal Revenue Code to distribute substantially all of their income and capital gains to shareholders at least annually. ProShares plans to announce any fourth quarter income distributions separately.

Trading ProShares will also generate tax consequences and transaction expenses. The information contained herein is based on current tax laws, which may change in the future. ProShares cannot be held responsible for any direct or incidental loss resulting from applying any of the information provided in this publication or from any other source mentioned. The information provided in this material does not constitute any specific investment, legal, tax or accounting advice. Please consult with qualified professionals for this type of advice.

To receive a distribution, you must be a registered shareholder of the fund on the record date. Distributions are paid to shareholders on the payable date. Past distributions are not indicative of future distributions.

Shares of any ETF are generally bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the fund. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns.

Carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of ProShares before investing. This and other information can be found in their summary and full prospectuses. Read them carefully before investing.

There is no guarantee any ProShares ETF will achieve its investment objective.

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. ProShares are generally non-diversified and each entails certain risks, which may include risks associated with the use of derivatives (swap agreements, futures contracts and similar instruments), imperfect benchmark correlation, leverage and market price variance, all of which can increase volatility and decrease performance. Short ProShares ETFs should lose money when their benchmarks or indexes rise. Please see their summary and full prospectuses for a more complete description of risks.

ProShares are distributed by SEI Investments Distribution Co., which is not affiliated with the funds' advisor or sponsor.

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ProShares are distributed by SEI Investments Distribution Co., which is not affiliated with the funds’ advisor or sponsor.

Your use of this site signifies that you accept our Terms and Conditions of Use.