Leveraged & Inverse ETFs

Leveraged & Inverse Nasdaq-100 ETFs

Broad market ETFs are among the biggest ETFs in existence. They enable investors to purchase stock exposure to large segments of the U.S. equity market in a single fund, such as large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap, or value and growth varieties. Broad market ETFs should not be mistaken for total market ETFs, however, which track indexes representing the broadest equity market coverage possible.

Broad Market ETFs

Leveraged and Inverse Broad Market ETFs

ProShares leveraged and inverse broad market ETFs are cost-efficient tools to help investors take advantage of or defend against changing market conditions on a variety of U.S. equity market indexes. Investors can use them to: Seek profit from moves in the U.S. equity market through directional trades, Employ a short-term hedging strategy to offset losses in an equity portfolio, and Obtain higher levels of exposure to a broad market index while using less capital.

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