August 2021
Can an Investment in Pet Care Boost Your Portfolio?

“Own what you know” is a frequently touted phrase within the investment community. The implication is that investors should invest in industries and businesses with which they are familiar. With 70% of U.S. households owning pets,1 it would follow that a lot of people “know” the pet care industry and may want to consider making it part of their investment portfolios.

The pet care industry has had strong historical performance, and investing in it could present a significant opportunity. As measured by the FactSet Pet Care Index, the pet care industry has outperformed the S&P 500 by a cumulative 48.1% since the end of 2019.2 Looking forward, the global pet care industry is projected to grow from $232 billion in 2020 to $350 billion in 2027.3 With that kind of anticipated growth, why wouldn’t you turn buying treats for your pet into a potential treat for your investment portfolio?

Source: Bloomberg, data as of 6/30/2021

Year to Date 1 Year Fund Inception
ProShares Pet Care ETF NAV Total Return 13.14% 64.26% 30.80%
ProShares Pet Care ETF Market Price Total Return 13.22% 64.24% 30.90%
FactSet Pet Care Index 13.63% 65.69% 31.61%

As of 06/30/2021. PAWZ’s operating expenses are 0.50%.

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What Are Some of the Companies in the Pet Care Industry?

For those less familiar with some of the names in the pet care industry, below are the top five holdings of the FactSet Pet Care Index. The index is designed to track the performance of companies that stand to benefit from interest in, and resources spent on, pet ownership. Food, toys and treats may be among the first items that come to mind when we think about pets and pet care, but in fact, companies that focus on pet health account for more than half of the FactSet Pet Care Index. And, as many pet owners are too well aware, trips to the veterinarian often come with hefty price tags.

IDEXX Laboratories (Subindustry: Veterinary Diagnostics)
  • IDEXX Laboratories’ stated purpose is to create exceptional long-term value for its shareholders, customers, and employees by enhancing the health and well-being of pets, people, and livestock.
  • Provides pet wellness diagnostics, including tests for parasites, pancreatic and cardiac health.

Zoetis (Subindustry: Veterinary Pharmaceuticals)
  • One of the world’s leading animal health companies, driven by a singular purpose: to nurture the world and humankind by advancing care for animals.
  • The company’s portfolio and pipeline of medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and technologies make a difference in over 100 countries.

Freshpet (Subindustry: Pet Food Manufacturing)
  • Founded in 2006, a leader in the pet food industry using farm-fresh ingredients to manufacture preservative- and additive-free refrigerated food and treats for cats and dogs.
  • Products distributed in over 20,000 stores in North America, including natural food retailers, pet specialty stores and major retailers.

Chewy (Subindustry: Internet Pet and Pet Supply Retail)
  • A leading online retailer that sells more than 70,000 items, including food, toys, medication and other pet-related products.
  • Provides cost-effective overnight delivery of pet supplies to approximately 80% of the United States (~100% in two days) through 13 fulfillment centers.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals (Subindustry: Veterinary Pharmaceuticals)
  • Founded in 1997, a European company focusing on licensed pharmaceuticals and specialist pet foods.
  • Manufactures in seven countries and sells products across 72 countries.

What Are the Catalysts for Strong Performance Moving Forward?

Population growth is a key driver for the U.S. economy. The pandemic brought population growth in the United States to a near halt, with reports indicating growth of just 0.35% for the year ending July 1, 2021.4 However, pet ownership growth followed the opposite trend during this time, reportedly tripling amid the pandemic following years of steady increases,5 indicating that when compared to the broader economy, pet care businesses may be better positioned for growth, driven by an increase in demand. Some investors may question if this trend will revert, but it is unlikely that all these new pets are going anywhere anytime soon. Additionally, unlike the overall economy, growth in pet care spending has proven resilient during prior economic downturns, including the Great Recession.

Veterinarians See an Appointment Boom

The uptick in pet ownership coupled with restrictions during the pandemic resulted in a backlog of veterinary appointments. Speaking from personal experience, back in April, I tried to make an appointment to get my dog’s teeth cleaned, and appointments for non-emergency procedures weren’t available until four months out. Recent data from veterinary industry tracker VetSuccess indicates that year-over-year trailing 12-month revenue for veterinary practices in the U.S. was up 13.1% as of July 25, 2021.6 While many businesses have struggled over the past eighteen months, landlords have reportedly been more amenable to leasing to veterinary clinics, since many vets were better able to pay their rent on time during the pandemic while other businesses fell behind.7

The pet care industry provides investors with a way to access a segment of the equity market poised for continued growth. Not only has pet ownership grown, but over the years, pet owners have dramatically changed the way they think about and care for their pets—our four-legged friends have become part of the family. Capitalizing on the changing trends in both demographics and consumer behavior may prove a prudent investment.

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How Investors Can Access the Pet Care Industry

PAWZ is the first ETF that allows investors to capitalize on people’s passions for their pets. PAWZ gives investors the opportunity to gain broad exposure to public companies in the global pet care industry—companies that stand to potentially benefit from the proliferation of pet ownership and the emerging trends affecting how we care for our pets. PAWZ tracks the FactSet Pet Care Index.


As of 6/30/2021 PAWZ included allocations of 10.55% to IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.; 9.98% to Zoetis, Inc.; 8.37% to Dechra Pharmaceuticals plc.; 8.87% to Chewy, Inc.; 8.95% to Freshpet. Holdings are subject to change.

Sources for company information: IDEXX Laboratories, 2021; Dechra Pharmaceuticals Annual Report 2020; Zoetis 2021; Freshpet 2021; Chewy 2020 Annual Report.

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The fund is subject to the risks faced by companies in the pet care industry. Although the pet care industry has historically seen steady growth and has been resilient to economic downturns, these trends may not continue or may reverse. Consumer tastes and preferences are difficult to forecast. Changing consumer preferences could have a negative impact on the revenue streams of companies in the pet care industry. Many companies in the pet care industry are small, independent producers and retailers. Investments in smaller companies typically exhibit higher volatility. Smaller company stocks also may trade at greater spreads or lower trading volumes, and may be less liquid than stocks of larger companies. The fund concentrates its investments in certain sectors. Narrowly focused investments typically exhibit higher volatility.

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