CDS Short North American HY Credit ETF - WYDE CDS Short North American HY Credit ETF

ProShares CDS Short North American HY Credit ETF (WYDE) seeks to provide short exposure to the credit of North American high yield debt issuers.

To accomplish its objective, this actively managed ETF invests primarily in centrally cleared, index-based credit

default swaps and cash equivalents. Swaps are chosen for their ability to maintain broadly diversified exposure to their credit segment, offer greater relative liquidity, and provide greater sensitivity to changes in credit quality.

Important Notice: This Fund is Closed
— For more information, please read our press release.

As of 8/13/19

Description Exposure Value*
(Notional + G/L)
Market Value ($) Shares/Contracts
CDX NA HY 32 V2 5 06/20/2024 GS ICE - - -
NET OTHER ASSETS / CASH - $6,301,247.81 6,301,247.81

* For swap agreements, a positive amount represents "long" exposure and a negative amount represents "short" exposure.