CDS North American HY Credit ETF - TYTE CDS North American HY Credit ETF

ProShares CDS North American HY Credit ETF (TYTE) seeks to provide long exposure to the credit of North American high yield debt issuers.

To accomplish its objective, this actively managed ETF invests primarily in centrally cleared, index-based credit

default swaps and cash equivalents. Swaps are chosen for their ability to maintain broadly diversified exposure to their credit segment, offer greater relative liquidity, and provide greater sensitivity to changes in credit quality.

Important Announcement Concerning TYTE's Listing on BATS Exchange
— For more information, please read the Press Release or contact ProShares at 866-776-5125.

Fund Snapshot

Ticker TYTE
Intraday Ticker TYTE.IV
CUSIP 74347B888
Inception Date 8/5/14
Expense Ratio * 0.50%
NAV Calculation Time 3:00 p.m. ET
Distributions Quarterly

* With Contractual Waiver ending 9/30/16.

Fund Sectors as of 12/31/15

Consumer Discretionary 26.40%
Financials 14.92%
Communications 13.92%
Materials 10.10%
Technology 8.01%
Energy 7.63%
Health Care 5.82%
Consumer Staples 5.38%
Utilities 4.91%
Industrials 2.91%

Fund SEC Yields as of 4/30/16

SEC 30-Day Yield -0.18%
SEC 30-Day Yield (Unsubsidized) -3.03%

Fund Characteristics as of 4/30/16

Distribution Yield 5.30%
12-Month Yield 4.98%
Weighted Average CDS Spread 434.61 bps
Spread Duration 4.43

Price Information as of 5/23/16

NAV $39.06
NAV Change $0.00
Market Price Closing -
Market Price Closing Change -
Daily Trading Volume -