ProShares Precious Metals Commodity ETFs

Deciding how to invest in gold and silver? Will these precious metals continue rising, or are they precariously priced and ready to fall?

Whatever your view, ProShares has four geared ETFs to help you step up your gold or silver exposure.

Ticker Fund Name Daily Objective Benchmark Learn More
UGL Ultra Gold
London p.m. Gold Fixing Prospectus Fact Sheet
GLL UltraShort Gold
London p.m. Gold Fixing Prospectus Fact Sheet
AGQ Ultra Silver
London Silver Fixing Prospectus Fact Sheet
ZSL UltraShort Silver
London Silver Fixing Prospectus Fact Sheet

If Precious Metals Rise—Ultra Gold and Ultra Silver

Consider these ETFs if you are looking to magnify your exposure to rising precious metal prices. UGL and AGQ seek double the return of their benchmarks each day.*

UGL and AGQ can be used to:

  • Seek magnified gains (will also magnify losses)
  • Get a target level of exposure to gold or silver for less cash
  • Overweight your exposure to precious metals without additional cash

If Precious Metals Fall—UltraShort Gold and UltraShort Silver

You may want to consider inverse exposure when precious metals decline. GLL and ZSL seek two times the inverse of their benchmark returns each day each day.* They are designed to rise when their benchmarks fall, and vice versa.

GLL and ZSL can be used to:

  • Help hedge against declines in gold or silver
  • Seek to profit from declines in precious metal prices
  • Underweight exposure to the gold or silver markets


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* Before fees and expenses

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